Engineered Quartz for Texas Homes

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Engineered Quartz for Texas Homes
Today’s homeowners have a wide array of choices available to them when shopping for countertop materials such as engineered quartz slab. Unfortunately, in Texas, shopping for stone countertops can be a dusty and exhausting process! Because many suppliers display their products outdoors, customers have to browse in the heat, humidity and wind. This can be uncomfortable and tiring, and it can also make it difficult to see the stone properly.
If you are looking for a natural or engineered stone countertop surface, it’s best to find a stone supplier that maintains a well-lit and air-conditioned showroom. Making decisions about countertops is important; these surfaces will last for decades and will be a major aspect of your interior design. Being able to see the products and consider them carefully in a pleasant environment helps to ensure that you’ll make the right decision. Rather than braving the elements, find a company with comfortable showrooms, such as Omni Surfaces, which has a fully air-conditioned, 50,000 square foot facility in Houston where designers, decorators, homeowners and fabricators can view available products.

The Advantages of Engineered Stone

One of the best choices for kitchen and bathroom countertops is engineered quartz, which combines the best elements of both natural stone and manmade countertop material. Engineered quartz is made by combining 90 – 94% ground natural quartz stone with 6 – 10% resins and pigments. The Italian company Breton developed technology called vibrocompression, which most manufacturers now use. Slabs are made in various thicknesses and cut into standard sizes, depending on the manufacturer. Caesarstone, for example, manufactures slabs that are 56.5 inches by 120 inches in two different thicknesses: 0.75 inches and 1.25 inches.
Engineered quartz is incredibly hard, strong and durable. It’s stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and non-porous. It rarely chips or cracks. Engineered quartz is also extremely easy to maintain: it needs no sealing and it can be cleaned easily with warm water and soap. (If necessary, a non-abrasive cleanser can be used).
Engineered quartz slabs are also beautiful. Their appearance varies depending on how the stone is ground; finely ground quartz gives the finished surface a smooth and uniform look, while more coarsely ground quartz results in a speckled or flecked appearance that resembles natural stone. Many homeowners and designers prefer engineered quartz, since the patterning is consistent throughout, making seams easy to match. Engineered quartz is available in a wide range of colors, from pale neutral to deep reds and blacks. In addition, you can choose a finish for your countertops. You can also choose exactly the right edge for your countertop: a sharply slanted mitered edge can give a contemporary look to the stone, while an ornate ogee edge has a more traditional feel.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

The environmental impact of engineered quartz is rated as "light to moderate”. Quartz is the second most abundant substance in Earth’s crust, and supply is plentiful, so there are no concerns regarding overuse. These countertops are extremely long lasting, so they rarely need to be replaced. Manufacturers such as Caesarstone emphasize sustainability, recycling 97% of water used during processing and collecting dust.
In addition, engineered quartz is non-toxic, non-allergenic and has anti-bacterial properties, which makes it safe for your family.
Visit a comfortable, air-conditioned showroom today and explore the many advantages of engineered quartz slab today!